We did two hikes in the morning and they were both beautiful but arduous.  The first hike was down the cliff of Cliff House.  The cliff had a beach at the bottom, and it was a really steep hike.  The trail was a little loose with the chopped rock.  It was a lot of fun, but I chose to not go on the beach since I didn’t want to get sand in my shoes.  The hike back up was hard.  We then went to a hike down the road and had a little over a mile hike up the mountain.  The view from about a third of the way up was really nice.  Everyone was ready to head down, even though it wasn’t nearly as far as we had planned on going.  We went back down the mountain and got some ice cream.  Steph and I shared a chocolate shake.

We then drove down to the Elephant Seals beach.  The beach was fun, and there weren’t nearly as many there as there will be at peak.  There were a few of them that had gotten there, and the males were massive.  We mistook a few of the huge males for large boulders.