Steph and I got to Cliff house late, and we walked into a really nice house.  The wifi wasn’t good enough to run the games, but we played the board games and card games that we brought.

Adam Amit/Tina, and I played a game of Tzolk’in.  Amit didn’t really care for it, but Adam and I had a good time.  It was nice to get 3 monuments, even though I would have done better to have done differently.  Adam still won with a really high score, and I think the biggest difference was me not getting many skulls.  It comes back again and again, that if you don’t go for skulls and gods you will lose.  I never have been able to get a full set of things that led to going for the god route.

We played some Cards Against Humanity, and I chose randomly.  I ended up winning with the random choosing.

The house was very nice, and I regret not being able to stay there another night.