Steph and I have started trying to cook Thai food since we got back from Thailand.  I started off with a simple dish – curry.  Normally this wouldn’t be simple, but since I’m using pre-made curry paste, it is very simple.  I added in some tofu, butternut squash, and potato as the primary ingredients.  It was ok, but not something I’d really look forward to eating again.  The curry paste was red curry paste, and wasn’t the best brand.

We then got together and stopped by Ranch 99 to get the authentic foods.  We got the makings for Tom Yom, a hot and sour soup.  We also grabbed some of the better curry pastes.  The Tom Yom first attempt turned out decently well with just Steph and I doing it.  The ingredients were the spices plus some mushroom and tofu.  The second attempt had Nick helping us out.  We bagged the spices in some cheese cloth, which worked great.  Normally one had to avoid eating the spicing materials, but with the cheese cloth bag for the spices, the flavor was great and we didn’t have to avoid the spices.  I also added in potato, butternut squash, and carrot.  The potato did really well, the butternut squash was moderate, and the carrot wasn’t very tasty with the soup.  I think it was too sweet to go with the hot and sour flavor of the rest of the soup.

We got the ingredients for the next attempt of soup, and some curry ingredients as well at the California Avenue Farmers’ Market.  I’m looking forward to trying it out.