Nick, Steph, Ilya, and I played some Innovation last night.  We played in teams with Steph and Nick going against Ilya and myself.  There were two things that went against us early; The ages progressing quickly, and Ilya being new.  With the quick progression Ilya was overwhelmed by the options he had, and since he was reading all the cards for the first time and seeing them work for the first time didn’t realize the combinations.  I was trying hard not to tell him exact cwhat to do, especially since I didn’t know what he had in his hand.  I was left behind in the quick teching up, which was ok for most of the game, as I was able to strategically use the age 1 cards to block Nick and help Ilya.  This didn’t work out in the end, as Nick and Steph were able to help each other out really well on the points, and at the same time take out many of our point machines.  Steph and Nick ended up winning in age 9.