We had a late start to the day since we wanted to go to the Glass Gardens and let Andrew go around the convention for a while.

Steph was nice enough to help me out with handing out the flyers for Apocalypse Overload.  She was looking good in her Faith costume.  I was in my Dr. Horrible costume, and it made a huge difference.  I really don’t like random outreach, in person or online, but that is what I’m doing for now.

We went into the convention and saw some more of the indie mega booth.  I really like that corner of the expo.  We ran into David and Candice there and went to watch David battle it out in an Assassin’s Creed 4 multiplayer competition.  He got 2nd by 7 seconds.

Steph and I went to a Pho place for lunch, which was delicious.  The service was slow, but they were so overcrowded that wasn’t surprising.  We went to two panels on gender and gaming together, which was cool to hear about.  Most of it was saying that people should be respected in the way that they want to be respected, and that the system is broken in favor of specific groups.

I stayed behind to work, while Steph, Candice, and David went to a Geeky Burlesque show, and Brian and Nick went QR code hunting.