Friday was overwhelming at PAX.  I’m not a big fan of crowds, and PAX seems to be nothing but crowds.  I was able to handle it for a while, and did enjoy the indie mega booth.  There are a good number of games that look very interesting.  It is amazing to see the influence Clash of Clans and MineCraft have had on the games that indie developers are making.  There weren’t too many original projects, but a lot of them did build well on top of well defined mechanics.  The originality was certainly there.

I really liked the Pixel Junk Inc. game that Steph tried out, as well as Cannon Brawl.

I competed in the Goldeneye tournament and had a disappointing first round knockout.  I’m sure I could have made it to the final 4 match, but the disparity in skill level made it more of a hunt than a match.  The settings were also quite strange as the organizer had never played the game before.

Nick, Steph, and I played two pretty good board games.  The first was a dice drafting, resource management game called Castle Dice.  It was quite good, but not good enough to buy.  We didn’t finish the game either, as the guy at the booth was just showing us how to play and implied that he didn’t want us to stick around and play it.

The second game was a very fast paced interactive dice roller.  It was the next in the series of Space Cadets, called Space Cadets: Dice Duel.  In this version of the game you are going up against another team, and you have to load missiles, get lock, and move to be able to shoot them.  Then you must also dampen their lock, build up shields, and make sure they can’t shoot you.  Steph, Erin, and myself won handedly both times over Nick and the two other guys there.  We destroyed their ship without getting hit both times if I remember correctly.

Steph and I went to a really nice wine bar after that.  We had several flights of wine (Sweet, Alsace, and Port) as well as some phenomenal desserts.  We were joined later by Andrew and Nick.  We were almost done at the wine bar, but we stuck around for a bit longer and had another desert with Nick.