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We had Shabu Shabu with Kevin, Lindsay, Debby, and Andrew.  We were late because I chose poorly on my way to get there, and there was a ton of traffic.  The food was pretty good.  Steph and I did some trades for the things we liked more, and the others got the giant plates of meat.  To be fair Andrew got the giant plate, and the others got the big plates of meat.  They were going to se ‘It’ afterwards, but Stephanie and I decided we would rather go home and watch The Defenders.  Debby got some red noses for them to wear to the movie, but Kevin declined from what I hear.


Cook all the things!

I signed up for a food delivery service, that sends fruits and veggies on a weekly basis.  The first delivery came in on Wednesday.

I am so far happy with the first box.  I’ve cooked most of it already, and had people over for dinner to share in the bounty.  I cooked roasted peppers (from the garden, not delivery), guacamole, turmeric chicken, potato leak soup, steamed beets, and sliced up veggies for chips.

It all turned out well and I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone who came.  I am especially glad that Steph gets to see these people before she ships out to China again.

Sorrel Pop Up

We had a great dinner last night at Sorrel, a pop up restaurant in SF.  Stephanie organized it and I really enjoyed the dinner.  The food was really good, not as good or interesting as Coi, but still really good.

Soup Dumplings

Since I took it a little easy over the past two days I had enough time to make soup dumplings.  Since soup dumplings are almost always filled with pork, I decided to make some that Steph could have as well.  I made it all from scratch, which was a pretty good experience.  All in all there were 5 filling types: Pork, Mushroom, Potato, Mushroom + Potato, and Pork + Potato.  They were all delicious, but the ones with potato didn’t end up having any soup, since the potato just absorbed it all.  The dumplings were a ton of work, and we plan to have others over this weekend to make more.  We’ve got a lot of filling left, but no more wrappers.

The one pictured is the most photogenic of the dumplings we made, some weren’t so pretty.  We also got better at it as we went along.

Ma Po Dinner

We had Kevin, Lindsay, Andrew, and Debby over for a dinner of Ma Po Tofu.  It was delicious, but the beef version had a little too much beef.  I think I’d like to make it more, and try it with more and different kinds of veggies.  We’ve been doing it with minced mushrooms which works really well, but I think it could be even better.  After eating we played a game of Legendary, the Marvel deck building game.  Steph won by a lot, but it was close to all of us losing.

Dinner with the Lee’s

Stephanie and I joined her parents for dinner on Monday in San Carlos.  The San Carlos area is really nice, and I enjoyed the dinner.  We went to the French restaurant, Cuisinett.  The food and service were fantastic.  I got the duck salad, which was made perfectly.  I really enjoy a well cooked duck, and the salad was very fresh tasting.

Japanese Curry at Andrew’s

Steph and I went over to Andrew’s place for some really tasty Japanese curry.  We brought over some wine and bread and it was a really nice time.  We watched the remainder of Naked and Afraid XL, which was pretty amazing.  I really enjoyed it.


Steph and I made some really tasty food this weekend, and it was pretty healthy as well.  The shakshuka is mainly tomatoes, peppers, onion, and egg.  I really liked the flavor, and it is also fun to watch cook because the eggs go directly on top of all the other ingredients.


Back to the Future Day

Wednesday was ‘Back to the Future Day’ marking the point in time in Back to the Future 2 where Marty and Doc go to the future.


Stephanie and I decided to do the opposite theme and go to the past, specifically an old style diner in Palo Alto called The Creamery.

wpid-20151021_203155.jpg wpid-20151021_203143.jpg

We got some really tasty milkshakes there.

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