Bo and I talked a lot last night at the Holy Grill, a little burger place just next to Zynga.  I got the diablo burger, which was nice, but a little too fatty.  Bo and I had two beers each and had a pleasant conversation.  It was an interesting conversation where we talked a lot about where we wanted to go with the next stage of our lives.  He is in a pretty tough spot and need to find something relatively stable.  The biggest problem is that he still sees finding a job as giving up on his dreams.  He doesn’t allow for the possibility of going after his dreams while working.  I think once he does have a real job, since he hasn’t held one for any significant time before, that he will see that you can work towards your dreams and work a normal job.  I hope he finds something that allows him to do that, but he may just have to settle for something stable to start out and then work towards the job that supports his dreams.