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Games Played

Games at George’s

Last Tuesday we played some Gloomhaven at George’s.  Steph was in China so I took over her character.  Adam started up a new character that is interesting.  I don’t think the style of play on Adam’s new character suits him, but I’m sure he can adapt to it.  We did a side quest that was a good bit of fun, lots of demons and golems.  George had a key trick that saved us when he walled off a group of enemies.

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Wednesday we met up for tacos at Speedy’s.  Irene was playing it risky again, and had tacos despite her GI issues.  We played some Castles, with Irene getting two massive purple room scores.  I was able to get a lot of the overall goals putting me in a solid second.  I watched the others play towerfall after that.


We joined a lot of people at Karaoke at George’s and had a good time of it.  I did a few songs and then let others sing theirs.  The list grew rapidly, and I was happy to join in on a few.  I did the Zazu from ‘Just Can’t Wait to be King.’  We also played some codenames.  I got to be codemaster and finished in 2 clues.

Tina organized the Gloomhaven box and I helped a bit.  It was well done in many ways, but had a few oversights.  She found the ‘Open when you feel you deserve it’ card under the insert.  We will probably open it next time we have all 5 people together.  I had a good time and I think everyone else did as well.

Gloomhaven and Indian Street Cafe


On Sunday, after lunch with the Lees, we went to George’s to play some Gloomhaven.  I brought my computer so I could work as the full 5 people were there.  I helped to set up the scenarios and put in a little about which ones I thought they should choose.  They did pretty well on the first one, and struggled a bit more on the second.  In both cases I think nobody got exhausted.  In between the two scenarios we stopped by Indian Street Cafe for dinner and I got a massive bread plate.

Escape from AT&T Park

Since we like escape rooms we thought it would be a lot of fun to do one of the larger escape room events.  This one was Escape from AT&T Park in SF.  We got into SF a little early.  I missed the train at the last second because I was trying to buy a ticket, but I was able to meet Steph at the 4th and King station by Lyfting there.  We met up with the rest fo the crew at the Little Skillet, and Steph got some food.  We headed over to the park and hung out on the field while waiting for people.  We split into two groups, one of 4 and one of 5.

The puzzle was split into 4 major sections.  The first part was pretty easy, just a lot of little bits to it.  The second part had us stumped for a bit, but the other group was the first in the entire event to get through it.  The third part wasn’t bad, and we got past it very quickly.   The final part was also a breeze for us, as we understood the style of the puzzle pretty quickly.  The other group went down the wrong tracks and got stuck.  They were on the final puzzle for a really long time, being the second group to get there.  I prefer games where the puzzle is difficult even when you know how to solve it.  Most games meed to have a lowest common denominator, such that knowing how to solve the puzzle is always the hard part.


Tina, George, Adam, and I had an exciting Friday night playing Gloomhaven.  It was the end of one of the quest lines, and the quest was to protect a specific individual.  She got hit a few times, but nothing too bad.  There was one point that if the monster drew a 2x we would have lost.  I wasn’t able to do that much damage, but I was able to keep the monsters occupied while Adam dealt out a ton of damage.

St. Louis Trip

I flew to St. Louis to visit with Michael, and help him with his non-profit.  I got in Wednesday Evening, with a uneventful flight.  He picked me up from the airport and then went back to his place.  The neighborhood was nice, and I was surprised how open it was for being pretty close to downtown St. Louis.  I’m not used to seeing empty lots or large unused back yards to buildings.

I led a seminar for his non-profit for the next two days, and we hung out with his girlfriend Ala.  She was very nice, although she came down with something and couldn’t spend much time with us.  I walked around and got to see some more of St. Louis.  The food was very tasty, but heavy.

The startup space here has been amazing.  In many ways it is better than the spaces I’ve seen in the Bay Area.  The price is certainly lower.  We went to a startup meetup, and it was pretty interesting.  The vibe was pretty much the same as the startup mixers in SF, which means I was uncomfortable the whole time.

Saturday we went around a few neighborhoods, a farmers market, and got lunch at a smokehouse.  We worked for the afternoon and went to one of Michael’s friends houses for games.  We played an interesting game called Clank which was a mix of Dungeon Quest and Ascension.  I enjoyed it, but it took a lot longer than it probably should have.

Sunday we went to the Zoo and worked some more.

Sunday evening we played some Dead of Winter, and it was a good time.  We won by a lot, just from getting lucky on the characters we started with.

Monday we went to a meeting for social work in Catholic charities, and it was interesting.  Michael got a lot more out of it than I did, but I still enjoyed hearing about it.  The thing that struck me the most was that they wanted to track their work and quantify their impacts, but that they were lacking a solid metric to base their measure of success on.


We got lunch at a brewpub and he dropped me off at the airport.  All in all a pretty good trip.

Dinner and Games

I went to hang out in Palo Alto on Tuesday, while Irene was getting her phone fixed.  I got a lot of work done at the Starbucks next door, and eventually she finished and we got some really tasty food at Yayoi.

I then headed to Tina’s place to plays some games with her, Adam, and Tim.  We played Castles of Mad King Ludwig.  It was a great time, and I was just behind Tina in points, and the other two were a ways behind us.

Prolific Oven/ Tapt Board Games

I got to play some games with people at the Prolific Oven/Tapt in Sunnyvale.  It is a fantastic place to play games, and they have a lovely selection of drinks.  The ginger mead I had the first time wasn’t there unfortunately.  It is a drink I’ll need to find more of (Sting – Ginger Session Mead).


The games were fun, we played Spirit Island twice, then Feast for Odin.  Adam just barely beat me on Feast, and we were able to clean up pretty easily on Spirit Island.

More Feast for Odin

Tina, Amit, Adam, and I played a round of Feast for Odin at Adam’s place.  It was fun, and I took a different strategy than I normally do.  It didn’t pay off in the end.  Tina did emigration and pillaging and ran away with the game.  Amit did well on pillaging and got a solid second.  Adam and I were pretty far behind with third and fourth.

Afterwards we went to Tap’t, so Tina could get some princess cake.  I got a fantastic ginger mead.

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