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Day Trips

Urban Putt

On March 5, Steph and I went to meet up with Hai, Mark, Michael, and Kaijen in SF at Urban Putt.  It is a place where you can drink and mini-putt.  I had a great time, as it was what amounted to lots of Rube Goldberg machines.

Backpacking Butano

This state park was really nice.  The camp sites were nestled back in the woods, and the old air strip on top was great for watching the sunset.  We got there Saturday morning and did a nice hike in.  Part of the Canyon Trail was washed out, so it was a little treacherous.  Hai and Mark turned back and went up the Fire Road at that point, but we got to camp at about the same time.  The group we were with was really nice, including Steph, Hai, Mark, Michael, Joey, and Ryan.  We played some exploding kittens on the air strip while watching the sunset.  A little cotton tailed bunny hopped by while we were playing.  Just after sunset the fog really started to roll in and walking the half mile back to camp was like walking through a horror movie, especially with all the red light from the headlamps lighting up the fog.  It was getting pretty cold so we called it a night early.

The hike out was pretty uneventful, and seemed a lot faster than the hike in.  It might have just been my imagination, but we also took the Fire Road back and didn’t stop for lunch/snacks/rest breaks.  It was also a downhill hike back, whereas the hike to the camp was mostly uphill.

I’ll add in some pictures when I get them.  I didn’t use electronics the entire time we were there, but Hai took a lot of great pictures.


Hiking in Castle Rock

Steph and I met with Joe in Castle Rock State Park this past Sunday.  We had thought about camping there, but I’m pretty glad we didn’t, it is so crowded compared to many other locations.  The views from the mountain were amazing, and the sun was bright with a shady trail.  The entire hike only took about 3 hours with a long stop at goat rock for lunch.


We made it back in time to cook the food for the game of thrones night.  I’m really enjoying this season, with all the differences from the books.

Exploratorium and Etheopian

This was a great time in the city with Nick and Sarah. Steph and I took the train and rode our bikes to the Caltrain and took that to the City. We rode our bikes along the bay, and to the pier.  There was a farmer’s market around the pier and we got some food there before continuing on to the exploratorium.  We got inside and Nick and I almost immediately got distracted by one of the exhibits, it was a horizontal spinning plate that you could put small plastic wheels onto.  The wheels would roll along the plate and if you got it right would stay on and make interesting patterns.  We stayed there longer than the girls would have liked.  We then went to see many other interesting exhibits, including some geysers that were constructed to go off at 20-30 minutes depending on height, there was a room that had photo-reactive walls, there was an infrared camera to see how hot things were.  It was a great time, and I’d be up for going again.

After that we went to Nick’s place and washed our hands a half dozen times because of all the exhibits that everyone had been touching.  Then we went to the Ethiopian place near where he lives.  The food there was amazing, and the bread they had was better than any other’s we’d had before, because it was made with the Ethiopian starch instead of wheat.  It was a great time.IMG_2022 IMG_2023 IMG_2024 IMG_2025 IMG_2027 IMG_2032 IMG_2033

Hiking near Pacifica

Steph and I went to just south of Pacifica and met with Jeff and Patty to have a nice hike.  We had a great time and walked all the way to the top of the hill and we able to see across the bay.  This was surprising since we started right next to the ocean.


City with the Parents

On Wednesday I went up to SF to visit with my parents.  They were in town for a science conference my dad was attending.  We first decided to take a ride on the cable cars, just for the fun of it.  We went up a huge hill, then I got a Lyft.  This was the first time I had used the app, and it worked out really well.  We went to Kingdom of Dumplings for lunch, and it was tasty.  They thought it was bland without the sauce, and the best sauce was the spicy one, so they didn’t have it.  My dad isn’t into spicy things anymore since they upset his system.  We then went into golden gate park, grabbed some tea at the Japanese garden, walked around the lake, then went over to the flowers at the JFK Conservatory.  The Conservatory was closed, but we were able to see a ton of the gorgeous flowers outside.

photo 1 photo 2

My mom is going to try planting a few of them in Atlanta in the spring.

After that we got a lyft to their hotel and looked for a restaurant around there that was good and had seating.  The first two we tried had decent waits, but the third, Perbacco, could seat us.  We were underdressed for it, but didn’t mind it too much.  The food was very good and I got the duck.  I said my goodbyes and biked back to the train, just catching it in time.


City with Yanika

Steph and I went to SF to meet up with Steph’s friend Yanika.  She is an interesting woman, and the neighborhoods she showed us were very nice.  Each one also had its unique and fun part.  I wouldn’t mind living in those areas since they are so close to the water, and I could likely take sailboats out from the small marinas there.  We stopped by some wineries, restaurants, cafes, and then Steph got hurt by a door slamming on her finger, nearly removing the left middle finger tip pad.  She wrapped it up nicely, but I thought she should have superglued it into place in hopes that it would heal better.

St. George Distillery

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Adam, Tina, Andrew, Leyan, Brian, and I went to St. George Distillery in Alameda.  Alameda is an old Navy base and has a few mid-up scale neighborhoods on it.  The distillery was interesting in that it has a lot of history, and funny history at that.  The place smelled great, like fermentation and spices.  They make a wide variety of liquors like absinthe, brandy, gin, and rum.  The rum was different from pretty much any rum I’ve had before, but not bad.  It just wasn’t something I had a place for.  I didn’t try very much, but it all smelled good.  The tour was great and hanging out with the others was fun.

Sunday Sailing

We took Brian and Brittany to the Cal Ave farmers market.  They were surprised by the number of stalls and the variety.  We grabbed some food and then continued on to Santa Cruz.  We had a great time sailing as the wind was great.  Brittany took the helm for a bit.  There were also a number of sailboats out on the water, and we had a few close calls.  We had a great time.  We also met up with Jeremy and his Wife.  They were from the Bro Divers group, and we had fun with them.  Bo and Yumi also drove down from the city and joined us.  After sailing we went right back to the house so that Brian and Brittany could get on the road.

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