This state park was really nice.  The camp sites were nestled back in the woods, and the old air strip on top was great for watching the sunset.  We got there Saturday morning and did a nice hike in.  Part of the Canyon Trail was washed out, so it was a little treacherous.  Hai and Mark turned back and went up the Fire Road at that point, but we got to camp at about the same time.  The group we were with was really nice, including Steph, Hai, Mark, Michael, Joey, and Ryan.  We played some exploding kittens on the air strip while watching the sunset.  A little cotton tailed bunny hopped by while we were playing.  Just after sunset the fog really started to roll in and walking the half mile back to camp was like walking through a horror movie, especially with all the red light from the headlamps lighting up the fog.  It was getting pretty cold so we called it a night early.

The hike out was pretty uneventful, and seemed a lot faster than the hike in.  It might have just been my imagination, but we also took the Fire Road back and didn’t stop for lunch/snacks/rest breaks.  It was also a downhill hike back, whereas the hike to the camp was mostly uphill.

I’ll add in some pictures when I get them.  I didn’t use electronics the entire time we were there, but Hai took a lot of great pictures.