London this week has been particularly nice. The flowers are coming out and the trees are getting leaves. It has been a good deal warmer and sunnier than March was as well. I’ve really enjoyed the walk into work and the walk around the neighborhoods.

As part of walking around and flowers blooming we finished the planters and put them out on the balcony. They make me happy to see the flowers and plants in the wooden boxes. The nice small pots that are left over will be kitty grass growing locations, and I’ve planted the next round in the oval one.

Steph and I went to the National Gallery as well. It was a great visit, and we got to see a lot of famous paintings. We’ve seen a number of them on the historical and art based youtube channels we watch. I was amazed at how detailed some of them were in person, and how big others were. I got to see a number of nice Canalettos, but they were all of Venice, surprisingly. We saw some still lifes by one of Steph’s favorite painters. There was a small gallery of well done art by famous people, with the subject of ugly old women. The exhibit was called the ‘ugly duchess’ and features some Da Vinci sketches and similar paintings by other famous artists. I was also quite impressed by the building itself.

We played some grounded with Michael and Michelle. The game was a lot more complete and stable compared to the previous time we’d played it. We made some bad choices on base placement, and got overrun by spiders. We moved to a better placement and called it a night.