Irene and Ricardo had us over to their new place in Fairfield.  They had gotten the place a few months ago as part of going to MBA programs in Berkeley and Davis.  They were mostly able to work remotely, but going to classes and taking tests required them to actually show up in person at the Universities.  We got there and they showed us their still empty house.  They didn’t have much furniture yet, but they had some really nice art pieces and a place for both of them to work.  They had a mattress on the floor and a plan for how they would fill up the rest of the house.

They took us to breakfast at a really nice restaurant that was in one of the nicer Napa hotels.  It was a great atmosphere and delicious food.  We then went to the first winery that had a fantastic garden patio where we were able to try some delightful wines.  They had a pretty good range, and the 2020 was clearly a smoky vintage from all the fires.  It was one of the first times I could really connect the land and my knowledge of what happened there to the taste of a wine.  Even though those vineyards didn’t burn, the ash that coated the grapes must have contributed to the flavor.

The second winery was a modern geometric construction at the top of a hill.  It had a pretty lawn and phenomenal view.  We got the sparkling wine and it went great with the view.  We had some great conversations and made plans to see each other in Europe.  Dinner was in Downtown Napa at a nice Mexican restaurant.  We said our goodbyes as it was getting pretty late for Steph and I with an hour and a half drive back home for the evening.