We went to the Renaissance fair with Paul and Yutong.  Adam was there earlier in the day, but we missed him as he was driving to Vegas and wanted to get an earlier start.  We had stopped by Soquel Demonstration Forest to check for some mushrooms in the morning.  When we arrived Paul and Yutong were also just then pulling up.  We headed in and found Chris teaching sword lessons in the back of the food court.  We let him teach and wandered the rest of the fair for a bit.  We tried our hand at a few of the weapon sports.  First was darts, where I almost succeeded, but hit the lines instead of the planets.  Then there was the throwing stars where we had Paul kick everyone’s ass, until he threw his second to last star and knocked all the others out of the block.  Then we went to the highlight of the show, the joust.  It was a hilarious production with lots of intricate moving parts.  We were in the Scotland section of the stands, and there were also sections for Spain, France, and England.  None of the knights were good honorable people, and they all had their hilarious foibles.  The fight scenes were great and the horseback riding was well done.  We had a great time.