Steph joined me for a work trip to NYC. We were there for a team meeting for one of the teams I’m a part of, but I was also able to meet with other members of other teams I work with while I was there. It was a little strange to be there as the only design representation was myself and my manager, and my manager was in other meetings for most of her time, leaving just me.

Outside of the work event we had a good time going to the PunchDrunk production Sleep No More. Much like the production in London it was amazing and immersive and another world. It is hard to describe the feeling that being immersed in a production like that creates, but it is something I look forward to doing again once we’ve moved to London.

We also, of course, went out to some really nice restaurants. Steph found some amazing vegetarian and vegan places. Plus we had to do the NYC staples, like good floppy pizza, bagels, and other baked goods.

We walked the more notable parts of the city like Times Square, Central Park, and Broadway. We had a nice night on the rooftop bar, and had some good conversations over drinks as we figured out the next few years of our lives.