Fred and Karin came out to visit us in Redwood City before we left.  They showed up on a Saturday afternoon.  They had multiple flights, coming from Birmingham, and a huge ordeal getting a car at the rental counter that took well over an hour.  We went on a nice walk through the neighborhood and stopped by what was clearly meant to be a food delivery space.  I think they were complying with some San Carlos ordinance to be on Laurel, but only really deliver.  They had 5 restaurants listed as being in a food court, but only four tables.  The food they had were some of our favorites, including Oren’s Hummus.  We then walked more over to the Russian Ridge winery tasting room.  We had some wine, and a dinner at Osteria, with a little more wine.  They were pretty tired, so we relaxed at our place for the rest of the evening and then called it a night.

On Sunday we decided to go to Golden Gate Park.  We went to the Japanese garden first, and Karin seemed to really enjoy it.  I also took the time to really look at some of the things they were doing with the garden, and realized the design was much more impressive than I had originally given it credit.  They played with senses of scale and sight lines in way that were subtle and clever.  We then went to the Academy of Sciences and took a long walk through their garden sphere.  We then spend another long while in the basement aquarium space.  It was a great time, and I was glad to talk so much with Fred and Karin.