Despite being a longer stay in London there is much less for me to write about for this trip compared to the last one. I’ve focussed much more on work this time.

I did get to do a few interesting things. Firstly I made it to the V&A, which was the one major museum that I wanted to and didn’t get to last time. They had a very eclectic collection of the most random items. I enjoyed going from the teapot gallery, to the wrought iron gallery, then to the middle easter rugs.

I also got to go to two different strange shows. The first was Future Cargo, which was a show performed in the back of a Semi with a clear side, that had a conveyor belt which the performers would dance on. It was interesting how they setup the performance. They had it in an open plaza, and the tickets got you a headset so you could hear the music they were dancing to. I tried taking the headsets off for a minute to see what it was like without the music and it was way worse without the audio to go with it. I enjoyed the performance, but it was very strange.

I also went to a unique style of performance put on by PunchDrunk. They are an immersive theater company that have done several productions. This one was called The Burnt City, and focussed on the sacking of Troy.

It was different. It was like wandering a cyberpunk city from stray, but so more real. And the characters were telling a story, but also something else. They had to tell the full narrative but also the full character. There wasn’t really a stage for them to be on or off, just the full set to be in. All the stories being told at once, coming together and splitting off. I missed so much and it would take another three or four visits to catch all the major scenes and a dozen to see it all.  I want to go back to experience it again. For some reason I don’t want to go back, because it would ruin it. I was truly transported to another universe in there. 

If there were a VR version of that it would be too immersive. I think the under was trying for that but it lost something in trying to be too friendly. I think this is what The Under Presents was going for, but they didn’t get it.

Other than those two outings I worked pretty much the rest of the time. I did get to walk around the Coal Drop Yards a lot as that is close to the office. It is a really nice area.

I then left to meet Steph in Porto.