Steph and I had a nice weekend in Mendocino. We left early, early on Saturday and got to Casper Cove around 9am. We did a one hour dive where Steph was smashing the purple urchin and I was watching all the chiton, crabs, and fish. The crabs and fish were following her around as they were eating up all the urchin she was smashing. There were some truly massive urchins, and Steph totaled over 300 urchin kills. There were still tons of them around, but I was getting cold so we had to turn around and head back in.

We then went hiking along the Point Mendocino Trail. The caves and blowholes there were amazing to see, and the ocean was just perfect. Looking out there water was a sapphire blue, and the waves were reflecting the sun to make it sparkle. We also got lunch at a pizza place, that happened to have a candy cap ice cream. Candy caps are a type of mushroom that we had gathered before, and they have a strong maple scent. We got that ice cream mixed with coffee and it was delicious.

We checked into the inn and relaxed until dinner. Dinner was at Trillium, and they had us in a nice garden. The dinner was pretty nice, with my only complaint being the crispy duck wasn’t crispy.

The next day we joined Dr. Kev in the Jackson State Demonstration Forest for some mushroom foraging. We were going for black trumpets, and we got a really good haul of them. We got over 100 mushrooms, totaling over 2 lbs in weight after cleaning. It was a long drive home, so we passed on stopping for some mussels, and just went straight back.