I got the kayak campsite again for Angel Island.

Michelle and Michael came to pick us up in the morning so we could get to SF for lunch before getting on the ferry. The lunch was nice, as we got to hang out on the pier, by the map of the bay. We mapped out our route and looked at features of the bay we weren’t as familiar with.

It was a pain to carry the kayak around, along with the camping gear. It luckily wasn’t too far.

This time we took the ferry to the island and I kayaked from the ferry dock to the campsite beach. It was a pretty short kayak, but we timed it really well and I got the calm tides. Even over the short kayak I got to see lots of wildlife along the coast of the island. I made it to the campsite about 30 seconds before the others. We set up camp and then hiked to the peak of the island. It was a pretty intense hike, at 700 feet high. We got multiple points with great views of the bay. Along the hike we saw a lot of deer, a coyote, and a pair of vultures.

That evening we went to the civil war fort and sat at one of the tables along the waterfront there to watch the sunset. The video below is that sunset with the clouds spilling over the hills next to the golden gate.

The next day we hiked the road all around the island. The military bases and the detention center were very interesting. The detention center was more modern than I expected, being in use from 1910-1937. We grabbed everything and a quick lunch before taking the ferry back and heading home.