Tina, Amit, and myself drove to Kanab, UT to visit Adam again. I was working that week, and Steph was off diving in Mexico again.

The trip down had one major snag getting into Vegas, with a garbage truck on fire taking the highway down to one lane. This caused about a 2 hour delay of stop and go traffic, which I happened to be the driver for. We had to make an impromptu rest stop, but otherwise the ordeal was just some extra driving time.

Over the week I only joined in one hike, but it was certainly the one I would have enjoyed the most. We went to an amazing slot canyon called Buckskin Gulch. This slot canyon went on for miles and at points was hundreds of feet deep and narrow enough to touch both sides. There were a lot of interesting formations, like chimneys, arches, and big swirling patters along the sides. The start of the hike is close to the start of ‘The Wave’ hike as well, but we didn’t get the passes for that hike despite Adam going every morning to enter the lottery for them.

We also played plenty of games throughout the week, which I was able to join in for. I had been wanting to achieve the full emigration in Feast for Odin, and was able to pull it off in one game.

The drive back was less eventful than the drive there, thankfully.