Lee set up a group to play the RPG game Traveller. The group is composed of Adam, Tina, Andrew, Tim, and myself. Tim is someone I hadn’t known before, and he is very knowledgable about RPG games. A few weeks ago we rolled our original characters.

I was pretty happy with my character, Kenzie Carson. She is a law officer who is a beast with the blade. Adam rolled a social pariah, who is a decent pilot. Andrew rolled a trader, gambler, rogue, and entertainer, who’s a great shot. Tina rolled a minor noble who was locked away for the crimes of a gang boss she was impersonating, who became streetwise after being locked away. Tim rolled a navy careerist who is a great mechanic and gunner.

We got together the next week to roll alts, which all turned out much better now that we knew what we were doing. I rolled a crazy Vargr (wolf like alien) Doctor, who likes to remove unneeded body parts. The others also had better rolls on their characters.

We had our first gameplay session last weekend and it went pretty well. We all got our missions and were able to discuss with the rest of the group how we were going to proceed. My character is desperately poor, so I wasn’t able to get the best gear to start out, but I should have the skills needed to make up for it.

We left Flammarion station heading two jumps away to Walston. In this session we made the first jump and ended up at the planet that hasn’t even earned a name, just a serial number. The planet was mostly empty, but seemed like a place that would have lots of pirates. We found out about a possible pirate crew member, so left as soon as we could. We had trouble starting our jump to the next system, which is where the campaign paused for the next session.

I’ve also been having fun making materials for the game. I made our backstory timelines:

I also made the Flammarion system map:

Then I got sidetracked into making world maps that could be used with the traveller world system. I got pretty far in making visually pleasing spheres that could unwrap into the traveller hex maps of worlds.