Since the cases in San Mateo have dropped significantly, we again felt comfortable with a food exchange in our back yard. We had over Tina and Amit, Paul and Yutong, and George. Each group got their corner of the patio table, which quickly filled up with delicious food. Yutong brought a bunch: Orange and Kiwi Kombucha, Okonomiyaki, Coconut bread sticks, and Mango Sticky Rice. George brought several dishes as well: Brunch Scramble and Hashbrowns, and a Noodle Dish. Tina brought her world famous Mochi Waffles, and all the fixings to go with them. Steph made Snickerdoodles, and I made Tom Yum. We had a ton of great food. We kept the gathering at 4 groups, but Steph stopped by Michelle and Michael’s new place to deliver offerings from the others and receive some Scallion Pancakes and Pasta Salad.