The shelter in place has been going decently well for Steph and myself.  We’ve gotten a good routine, and found some games to play together.  Our friend group has been on Discord and that has helped a lot.

We’ve been playing a lot of board games in lots of ways.

  1. Steph and I play in person
  2. Larger groups play on
  3. We play on Tabletop Simulator
  4. We play with someone streaming Jackbox on Discord
  5. We play on streams with cameras on the board and each person says what they want to do
  6. We play on specific apps like Terraforming Mars on Steam
  7. We play on MTG Arena

This has made socializing somewhat better.  It isn’t the same to play on this online platforms, but what we lack in quality has been made up in quantity.

One thing that has been both quality and quantity is the food.  I’ve been eating great healthy food, but too much of it.  I think it is time to watch and limit the intake.

I’ve also been happy with my new workout routine, which is morning Ring Fit.  It has a lot of different exercises and the game keeps it interesting.

The work routine has been a work in progress.  I’ve found a good setup that is working on the back patio using a small folding table.  I think this will be my work routine moving forward.  It is especially nice with all the birds that come to our back yard and the kitties in the tent next to me.  I’ve seen goldfinches, lots of hummingbirds, sea gulls, geese, and vultures.

Our garden is also coming in really nicely.  The berries are actually going to produce, which is surprising since it has only been one year and we weren’t expecting them to yield berries for another year or two.