I wanted to try out the Impossible Whopper vs. the normal Whopper so I got a group of friends to join me in the side by side taste test.  Debby joined us at 6:30 with Andrew, Debby, and Kevin coming in shortly after.  Ricardo and Irene came in around 7:10, but I sat with them for the bit they were there.

The Impossible Whopper was good, and if you got just that you wouldn’t think anything was amiss about it.  Side by side with the normal Whopper it did come up a bit short on the umami flavor and the chargrilled flavor.  I’m not sure how to exactly explain why the normal one was tastier.  I thought the Impossible Whopper was plenty good, and I wouldn’t miss the normal one if that was the only option.  I wouldn’t miss the normal one anyway, but that is another thing entirely.