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We started from Indian Basin Shoreline Park at Hunters Point and made it up to a public dock at Pier 1.5.  The entire trip was around 7 miles and too about 3 hours.

The start was a bit rough as the tide was lower than previously experienced at this location.  We were just a bit too late as the tide went out to really go for the entry.  Adam sunk up to his waste in mud during the attempt.  We decided to portage over to another spot and carried the kayaks for a quarter mile to another spot.  We are counting it as a true portage as we were in the kayaks at the original put in spot.  Once we were actually in the water everything we very smoothly.  We made it under the bay bridge as the winds were really picking up and the tides were turning.  With the longer than expected put in we weren’t on track to make it to the intended take out location, so we jumped on the first spot we ran across that would work and it turned out to be a public dock at Pier 1.5.  There is a really nice Peruvian restaurant, La Mar, where we had brunch.