I spent most of Sunday playing board games.

I started out by heading to Tim’s to join him and Adam with some Mage Knight.  I had a really great game.  I played the unit friendly character, and got the extra unit ability early, then I got two banners including the banner of command.  I ended up with 7 units, which is unheard of.


I also picked up the Book of Wisdom and Learning early on, making my deck also quite good.

Adam and I then went to George’s for Gloomhaven, and were joined by Steph.  I got to play the quartermaster for the first time.  The character is very powerful, and I have a good idea of how to change him up to be a bit better as well.  The character is very fun, and can help out allies a lot so others will enjoy playing more as well.  I died pretty early on in the scenario, but they managed to win, just barely.