Steph and I went through a dive training course for side mounted double tanks in preparation for cavern and cave diving. We ordered all the equipment through Diver Dan’s, and Mike was kind enough to walk us through the setup and pool practice for the fitting.  He also lent us a good bit of his gear, which was very useful in getting things measured and set up.

We did the online course before showing up for the classroom session on the 16th of December.

We stayed in SF that night as the first pool day was the following day.  We did four hours in the pool, and I was completely exhausted by the end of it.  That effectively marked the end of the smoothie diet.  If I was going to do four hour pool sessions for dive training I needed more energy.

The instructor Lexi was great, and very patient.  She was able to walk us through all the information and was able to help us get our gear set up correctly.

We did two more four hour pool sessions, then Steph and I jumped in the pool at Diver Dan’s for a few more hours of practice time.  She went back another day while I was at work and did a few hours more.