Lindsay organized a pole dancing class for her birthday.  It was a ton of fun, and we had a pretty good sized group there: George, Tina, Andrew, Debby, Lindsay, Kevin, Marily, Steph, and myself.  This was the first pole dancing class for most of us, but we still got to learn a lot of the basic moves.  We even got to inversions, and I had a lot of fun with those.  The people in better shape, and with better body awareness, were the ones who really did well.  Andrew even did some chinese style climbs, just walking up the pole with hands and feet.  Marily was able to do the climbs better than the rest, but she wasn’t the best at getting back down.  George was able to do everything first try, although he had done a pole dancing class before.  I think everyone was eventually able to get every move that the instructor showed us.  After the class we gave Lindsay an appropriately timed gag gift of some La Croix.

After pole dancing we moved on to dinner at Noelanis, a Hawaiian food place in San Carlos.  The food was amazing, but there wasn’t too much for Steph there.  We shared some great fries and of course spam masubi.  The ladies (and George) got some drinks, and Lindsay got drunk on 1/3 of her first drink.  To be fair, it was a large and strong drink.  After sharing desert we all headed home.