Steph and I got some time together the day before thanksgiving as I was flying out of SFO and she was flight in.  We were scheduled to have it so that she landed at the exact same time as I was taking off, but my flight got delayed by almost two hours.  This let us spend a good 30 minutes together and we got to chat a bit at the airport.  I made it to my parents early Thanksgiving morning and we had a full family dinner, minus Steph.  She spent thanksgiving with her parents.

Thanksgiving was exciting, and I got to chat with my mom a lot, and spend a lot of time with my sister.  It wasn’t under the best circumstance, but it was still good to spend time with them.  I also got to see her new place, which is very nice.  I can see them have a great life there.

Friday I went over to Jeff’s house and helped him move some boxes around and break down a few more boxes.  I also really like their new house.  Both of their houses are much bigger than ours, with much bigger yards.  They are prepping for family raising so it makes a lot of sense for them to have the bigger houses.

I went to the W that evening to meet up with Steph.  She got in and we just relaxed that evening.  We walked over to Poor Calvin’s, one of the places we were going to cater from for the event on Sunday.  The food was really good, and the place was cute.

Saturday we didn’t do very much.  I walked around Georgia Tech campus and saw all the things that had changed.  I was hoping a few of the brothers would be at the house watching the game, but when I went by it was quiet.  I also was hoping that I could go have lunch at the student center, but everything there was also closed for the holiday weekend.  I ended up just having lunch in Tech Square and heading back to the room.

Steph and I joined our parents for dinner at the country club, and it was a nice affair.  Not many people were there because of the holiday weekend and the football games.  The dinner went by without drama, which is nice.

Sunday came around and I went to pick up a zip car, Steph and I then drove out to Sweetwater Creek state park.  We checked in and the car didn’t start after that.  We were able to catch a Lyft to and back from the grocery store in time for the first people to start arriving.  Uncle Russel helped us to set up the tables and chairs.

My parent showed up with the platters of deviled eggs, and Jeff showed up with the BBQ.  It was all very tasty food.  The family then showed up in the van, and I was able to have a good conversation with most of them.  Brian and Brittany came, as did Nick.  The other fraternity brothers weren’t able to make it, but I still enjoyed being able to chat with the three of them.  The Lee’s came by around 2, and I was able to introduce them to the family.

Everything slowed down around 5pm and we packed up and headed out.  The whole event was nice and chill, just the way Steph and I wanted.

That evening we just relaxed at the hotel.  We went across the street for dinner, and got to sleep early.

All in all it was a good Thanksgiving.