I took a day trip to St. Louis for Michael’s bachelor party.  My flight to Chicago took off at 11pm and I got to St. Louis around 9am.  I had breakfast at the airport and had a nice long phone conversation with Jeff.  I went to the neighborhood where the party was going to start and walked around a bit in a park.  Then I called Steph before it was time to show up.


I got to the party right on time, and brought some steak, apples, and peanut butter.  The steak was really tasty and the apples and peanut butter got completely eaten.  I talked to Michael’s family, including some cousins, his brother, and his father.  They were all great to talk to, especially his brother, Marty.  After a bit we headed to the Airbnb where people were going to crash that night.  One of his friends, Ricardo, offered to drive me to the airport at the end of the night, and I accepted.  We went out bar hopping and hit four or so bars.  We met up with Ala and the bachelorette crew at the last one and did a bit of dancing.  To end the night we went for some midnight tacos.  Ricardo dropped me off at the airport between 1am and 2am, and I took a nap outside security until they opened around 5am.  I got on the flight at 6am and made it back to SF a little before 9am.  I was drunk when I got on the plane, and that quickly changed to a hangover by the time I’d landed.  I decided to have a nice big breakfast at the airport in SFO and then got a Lyft back home.