Steph and I went over to Lost Colony for a cookout.  There were a dozen or so other people there. The food was amazing, and Debby was nice enough to make mac ‘n’ cheese for Steph.  The main draw of the cookout, the smoker, wasn’t ready and had to go for a few hours after everyone had left.

A few of us played a game of survivor that Debby had set up and Shareen was running.  We did immunity challenges, the first of which was how well did you know Andrew, with Debby handily winning.  I was the fist voted off, so I did a quickly confession to the camera to keep with the theme.  The second challenge was memory, with George taking immunity.  Adam S was the next to go, and that left only the asians.  Shareen picked out a challenge of moving rice from a tupperware to a cup.  Steph tried some alternate strategies that didn’t work out.  George took immunity again and voted out Steph.  The final two were Debby and George, and we had some invites to the others to take part in the final vote.  Debby’s strategy fell apart when she kept the aggressive stance into the final round.  Andrew voted for Debby, but the rest of the votes went to George.  It was a good time had by all.

Debby made a compilation of the confessionals: pretty funny.