Stephanie and I went to Vegas for the wedding of Lindsay and Kevin.  We joined a lot of people there, and didn’t stay long.  We got in Saturday around 11am, and met up with people at the Shake Shack.  After that Stephanie and I split up.  She went off to meet the ladies for High Tea then party.  I went with the guys to play MTG.  That night the guys did dinner at Wicked Spoon.


The next day Stephanie and I went to Momofuku and got ramen.  It was tasty.


We joined up with everyone at 3 for the wedding.  The ceremony was nice, quick, and very much about them as a couple.  I really liked the vows they gave to each other.  Afterwards we hung out for a bit as they went to get the reception ready.  We had drinks at the Mandarin and then went to the Jackpot Bar and Grill for their reception.  The place was surprisingly nice, and the karaoke was a blast.  We had a great time.

We headed out pretty early the next morning, and caught our flight back home.