Saturday I did the ocean dive portion of the drysuit class.  I must say I didn’t like it all that much.  The being dry and warm part was nice, but the added complexity of the suit took away some of the enjoyment of the dive for me.  I could see myself getting used to that over time, but I don’t think I’ll be diving enough around here to buy a drysuit.  Most of the nice parts of drysuit diving come when you have a really nicely fitted one.

I started the drive to Monterrey around 5am, and got back around 1:30pm.  There was a little break where Steph and I got to cuddle, then we headed out to Lost Colony and met up with people for grilling at Andrew’s.  The food was excellent as always.  We played a little Dead Mans Draw, and added a bit more complexity than what used to be there.  It was a good time.