This week was strangely productive and not.  I did a lot, but nothing amounted to much.  I got to play some Gloomhaven with Adam, Tina, and George at Tina’s place while we watched the State of the Union.  Steph’s new character was interesting to play, and didn’t do well in the scenario we chose.

Wednesday we did wander.  Darren and Debby joined me at Shoreline lake to work at the cafe there.  It was a fantastic day and I got a good amount of work done. Afterwards Debby and I went to the Game Kastle in the San Antonio Shopping Center and played some Dead Man’s Draw.  It is a good game that Michael showed me last week.  Debby liked it enough that she got it.  We took it to George’s and played a round there as well.  There was a group that played Terra-forming Mars with the Venus expansion.  Debby George and I played more casual games and chatted.  I went back to shoreline lake the next day and kayaked a bit and picked up the bike I left there the previous day.