Steph and I did an early Sunday dive in Breakwater.  We did one really long dive, probably close to an hour underwater, and going from the wall out to the metridium fields.  The dive was pretty nice, and not too cold, since we were doing quite a bit of swimming.  We saw a sea lion or harbor seal underwater, but it was just a large black object that went by really quickly.  It probably had a three foot approach to Steph, but didn’t slow down much.  There were also a ton of nudibranchs, but all of them were the white with yellow tips varietal.  I also saw a few different types of crab, including a massive sheepshead crab.  It wasn’t extended, but I assume it would be around 5 foot span if it did.  The metridiums were pretty as always, and we got a little lucky to run across them, as we didn’t hit the pipe first.

After the dive we walked along the waterfront to get crepes.  I really enjoyed my pesto, tomato, and cheese crepe.  The walk itself was much better than I would have thought, and something I’ll certainly want to do every time we go diving at Breakwater.