Adam, Lee, Tina, and I played a game of Mage Knight on Tuesday.  The game didn’t start well for me, as I was handed starting cards 4, 5, and 6, insuring that I go last.  The start saw me sitting back for Adam to leave the maze he was sitting on, then I got the only enemy I couldn’t kill.  I ended up just sitting there most of the first day and doing nothing, putting me really far behind.  Lee got into a few situations early on that gave him four wounds, which wasn’t great for him either.  His bigger issue is he didn’t manage to recruit any good units, and the special cards he was taking had to do with healing mostly.  I got some amazing spells and special actions, leading to me being able to take on a city earlier than anyone else.  It took me a long time to defeat the city, but It worked out.  I was still really far behind, and just ran to Lee’s city to finish the game.  The scores pretty much said what we expected them to, once someone corrected Adam’s math.  Adam won by a lot, followed by Tina.  I was way behind Tina, and Lee was another large drop behind me.