My brother Jeff and Andrew DeRussy came to town to visit me for the weekend.  Andrew got in Friday night, right before I took Steph to the airport.   Saturday morning we played with the cats before picking up my brother, Jeff.  They didn’t really know what they wanted to do, so we played it pretty low key.  We got lunch at my favorite restaurant, Rangoon Ruby, then went to Redwood Coast Cider.  They got the full tasting menu, and really enjoyed it.  We went back to my place and played with VR, FPV drones, and watched youtube.  For dinner we went to Panda Dumpling and had lots of tasty dumplings.  We decided to do an escape room in San Jose,  The escape room was well done, but not terribly well explained.  We were ever so close, being one puzzle away from escaping.  We didn’t do much after that, and went to bed early.  They were still mostly on Eastern time.

Sunday I cooked some eggs, and Jeff made some tasty hash browns.  It was especially tasty with orange sauce on it.  We chilled for a bit Sunday morning, then grabbed lunch.  After lunch I drove them to SF, which is a lot more driving that I normally do.  It reminded me of why I hate driving so much.  At least it was only one trip for the both of them.