I went to the Ixalan pre-release event at Game Kastle.  Kevin organized, and Andrew participated with us.  Lindsay, Debby, and Marily were there.  Marily brought her nephew and friend.  I got an amazing draw, with a very strong green and decent blue.  Lindsay was nice enough to get Steph some marzipan pastries, and they were adorable.  Unfortunately since I didn’t want them to melt in my pocket, Lindsay held them in her purse, but we both forgot about it by the end of the evening.

In the matches I played I lost the first 0-2.  Then I won the second 2-0 when a little kid scooped as soon as I played the Carnage Tyrant.  I also got the best mythic land, also green.

The final match I lost the first one, then won the second just barely.  The third went really long as he was doing a ton of life gain, then I did a lot of life gain, then we just hit each other until one died, which was him.  I gave the cards afterwards and the look on his face was great.

After MTG we all went to Pho Vi Hoa and had dinner.  I got the lemongrass beef, and it as amazing.  I’m finding that at pho places I prefer to get the lemongrass flavored meat.  It is always spicy and well flavored, plus it isn’t a ton of noodles.  I couldn’t finish, but Andrew liked it and helped me out.