Steph and I joined a Diver Dan’s trip to Mexico.  There were two locations for the trip: Xcalak, close to Belize, and Puerto Aventuras.

Xcalak was a really nice beach area, and the dive shop was pretty, but we got there at the same time as a group of new interns.  The DM’s were trying to get everything ready and teach the interns at the same time.  We had a great guide Mathias, and he was able to keep things going mostly smoothly for us.  The first day Steph got sick after the first dive and we went back in.  The second day we did a nice first dive, then tried to exit the barrier reef.  During the exit the boat was hit by a massive wave that washed over the deck.  Most people were knocked from their seats, and much of the boat gear was knocked overboard.  Steph and I were hit hard by the wave, and we kept our seats, but to our detriment.  Steph got cuts on her hand from holding hard to the bench, and I got cuts on my leg from hitting against the same bench.  We circled back to pick up the first aid kit from the waves, and got a bit patched up.  Steph went diving with a rubber glove on, filled with antiseptic.  I stayed on the boat and helped pull things out of the water.  Steph’s dive computer was gone for good, but its depth sensor had just broken anyway.  Not a huge loss.

The place we stayed, Casa Paraiso, was really nice.  I liked the view, and they had clearly put a lot of effort into making it really nice, despite not being able to get all the best materials.

We then trecked up to Puerto Aventuras and got situated.  The next day we got to start the cavern diving with Under the Jungle.  Our guide was the owner Natalie.  This was the real reason Steph and I had come, and it was amazing.  The first day we didn’t get the good light effects, since it was cloudy.  We did get nice light effects for a few days we were there.  During the cavern dives we were paired with Pej, the 6’5″ guy and his wife Lili.  They were a fun couple to talk to, and Pej might listen to more audiobooks than I do.

We had a great time on the beach, and found a swim up bar.  I love swim up bars, disproportionate to how fun they actually are.  We ended up there two nights of the time we were in Puerto Aventuras.