Stephanie and I went to Atlanta for Thanksgivings week.  We were only there Monday to Friday, which was just about the right amount of time.  I was able to talk with my parents, and I got lucky in getting a gift for my dad that he really liked.  My mom also appreciated it.  We played codenames, and I think they liked it.

Fred and Karin showed up on Wednesday, and we got to talk a lot about many things.  They will try to come out and visit early next year.  It is possible they will combo it with another trip they are planning to Oakland.  It will be nice to show them around, and I think they’ll enjoy it greatly.

One morning we hiked Stone Mountain.  Stephanie seemed to enjoy the activity.  I certainly liked it, and the view was a lot clearer than I was expecting.

Other than that it was mainly lots of eating and chatting.  We enjoyed Holeman and Finch.  It had really tasty food as usual.

I really appreciated how Stephanie interacted with my family nicely, despite it being overwhelming for her I’m sure.