We had an offer accepted on a house!

The house is 314 G St. in Redwood City.  It is in one of the best areas for us, and it was a really nice house.  There isn’t much we’ll need to do before moving in either.  I think we can get a pretty much move in early January assuming we get people to fix the few things we want done quickly.  It is going to save me more than 30 minutes each way on my commute, and Steph now has a 5 minute walk to work.

I decided to do a 3D VR model of the house so we could place furniture.  I’ve build in all the furniture we currently own, and I’ll be putting in a lot of the things that we want, but don’t currently own.  The big public areas are the biggest unknown as they do have a lot of doors and windows, so placing is tricky, but very manageable.  I’m really happy with our purchase.