Steph and I met up with Andrew, Debby, Lindsay, and Kevin in Big Basin for a great weekend of camping.  The first night we played some mtg, and had smores around the fire.  The next day we started with a short hike to the park center, and did the loop around the biggest trees.  We had a lunch at the trading post.  After that Andrew and Kevin went back to the camp site, and the rest of us went on a longer hike.  We planned to go to Berry Falls, and then take the mountain trail back.  We ended up hiking too far past the falls and missing the trail back, this led to a hike about 4 miles further than was planned.  Lindsay and Debby were having trouble with the hike, but we made it back just about 30 minutes after we had planned.  We had a nice relaxing night with more smores, and headed out the next day.  Steph’s car had a flat so we had to replace it with the spare and then drive out through the crazy narrow windy road.