Stephanie and I drove up to Sanoma Saturday morning for Leyan and Jamie’s wedding, and it was a pretty good time.  We started the trip with a hike along the Sanoma Overlook Trail. It was a nice trail and did have a really good view from the top.  It was very hot out so we stopped with just the upper loop and then headed to the air bnb, which was a nice house pretty close to Sonoma City Center.  We hung out in the city center for about 2 hours before trying to get a lyft or uber to the wedding.  There weren’t many around so we ended up cutting it pretty close on getting there.

The wedding itself was very nice, with lots of people given a chance to be involved or called out.  The reception was great, and Stephanie and I got to do some silly pictures, fun dancing, and I lost another bet to Kevin.


The next morning they had an amazing brunch for everyone.  The drive back was long and uneventful other than waze taking us on a jaunt through the city.