Two good friends of mine, Andrew and Debby, got married a few weekends ago.  It was gorgeous in a rose garden and I was officiating.  It was a very interesting experience to officiate a wedding, and very nerve wracking.  It took a while to come up with something they liked, but we got to a point that they were really happy with it.

The reception was amazing, despite being at an overly packed Chinese banquet restaurant.  I really liked that they had karaoke, and it was interesting to see what groups of people would sing songs together.  The drinks were tasty and the food was ok.  I got stuck at the ‘vegetarian’ table.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if they actually served veggie dishes.  The best dishes were the last two to come out, and both were shaped like fish.  One was mango pudding, and the other was a stuffed pastry with mushroom on the inside.  Kevin was at our table as well and kept going to grab some meat, but he was sitting in the location on the table that allowed for that.  I lost a bet about how long Haru’s best man speech would be so i’ll be getting a henna tattoo of Kevin’s choosing soon (I had under on 2:40 with it actually being 3:18).