We took Valentines weekend in Las Vegas with a lot of friends.  This was originally planned as just a friends trip, but it ended up turning into a bachelor/bachelorette party.

The flight there was delayed by 4.5 hours.  This was due to the fasten seatbelt sign not working, which they didn’t fix. Instead they just said, “we’re going flying anyway, and you just can’t get up during the flight.”  We made it there just barely in time to go to the spa.  Steph was a little late to her massage, but not too bad.  We didn’t have time beforehand to check in, so we did that after and went to dinner after a short nap.

Dinner was at Bar Masa and the food was pretty good, but no dish really stood out as fantastic.  It was a pretty massive group of close to 30 people, and we all had a good bit of sake.  The night progressed up to the suite, where four guys dressed as teenage mutant ninja turtles came up, and we played a lot of codenames.  Steph was sleepy since we had to get up early so she left around 1am, and I stayed until about 3am since I had slept on the flight.


The next day we went to brunch at Bardot, where Steph got the largest French toast I’ve ever seen.

We then went up to George’s room and played some more Codenames with Tom and Irene.  I really enjoyed spending time with them, and will have to have them over some time.  We then went to a nice dinner at Milo, followed by some gambling at Ellis Island.  They were giving out $10 in free slots play, which was interesting.  It took a while for everyone to figure it out, but they did.  Debby was the one who enjoyed it the most by far, as you can see in the poorly shot video below (Sorry for portrait).

After a 4.5 hour delay on the way in it was annoying to have a 4.5 hour delay on the way out, which included a long wait on the runway because one of the AC units was broken, but they decided “we’re going to fly anyway.”  Not sure how I’m feeling about Jet Blue after this trip.