Steph and I joined George, Lindsay, Adam, Debby, and Andrew at Kevin’s Parents’ house.  It was a really amazing dinner with some tasty dumplings.  By some dumplings I mean hundreds of dumplings.  Steph, Lindsay, and Kevin bet against me in the ‘how many dumplings will Andrew eat; contest.  I took the low end at 1-17, with Andrew coming in at 10.5.  We also got a lot of the red envelopes for Kevin and stuffed them with all sorts of money, and a lot of mtg cards.  It was hilarious to see him walking up the stairs getting red envelopes rained on him.  The video is pretty bad but it gets the point across:

After dinner we went to see Kung Fu Panda 3 as a group, and it was entertaining.  I’d have to say it was better than I’d expected and pretty good for the third in a series.