Stephanie and I went to Whistler in Canada for a weekend of Snowboarding (me) and Skiing (her).  We met up with a group of people including Rong, Riley, Emily, and Emily’s family.  It was a pretty good time, and we stayed at a rather nice vacation rental.

We took a gondola there that stretches between the two mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb. It was an amazing view, and once we got the glass bottom gondola.  Looking down was pretty interesting, and we couldn’t actually stand on the glass.

Stephanie wasn’t terribly comfortable until near the end, and I was pretty rusty myself.  There were a lot of points I would have liked to go a bit steeper, but the paths that Steph chose were challenging enough for me.  The others were pretty good at the skiing part.  The only thing I would really liked to have done is go up to the glacier and snowboard down that.  It sounded like the kind of thing I’d really enjoy: huge area that is decently steep.  There are a lot more videos that we took with the go pro on my youtube.

Pretty much the entire way there and the entire way back I was using my phone for the Gear VR.  It was a really nice way to pass the time while travelling.  The only strange part is when the vehicle turns the screen registers it as turning.  It might actually be good for motion sick people since the screen responds exactly to the motion.