We got to Kochi pretty late and just went straight to the hotel. It was New Years Eve, so we had planned on staying up late and partying.  We got there and Lindsay was able to get us into the roof party, despite one woman insisting that it was sold out.  Lindsay even got us a discount because the package deal of a room and the party wasn’t on the website.


We had a pretty good night.  Lindsay won a dance contest.

The only stop we made was to get some bootlegged alcohol, made from coconut juice.  It wasn’t that great and wasn’t from the cleanest of places


I didn’t feel too unsafe because the fermentation process was proceeding cleanly.

We saw a fantastic sunset, and got some much needed sleep in the well sealed cabins.  I only got a half dozen bites from the mosquitos, but that is why I was taking anti-malaria pills.

The next morning we went back to Kochi and got a hotel for the time before the flight.  We walked along the beach some and got to see them take in the Chinese fishing nets.

Lindsay left at 4pm, so Steph and I grabbed some dinner and a nap before heading off to our flight at 1am.

The flights were really long, and not too bad.  Steph and I switched seats halfway through the long flight, and she really didn’t like the middle seat with the broken recliner.  I can’t blame her since it was really uncomfortable.  I wasn’t able to sleep in it very much, but the window seat she gave me got me a decent amount of sleep.  Her parents were there to pick us up when we got back and it was nice of them to make us some soup for dinner.  Steph was completely gone the whole ride back, but she managed to stay up until a decently late time.