I haven’t updated in quite a while, and that is mainly because I was travelling a ton and when I got back there was just too much to do.
Here is a quick summary of the hollidays with the family.

I got home on Tuesday Morning, but needed to get some work done that day.  I unfortunately had just worked out how to use a new system at work, and wasn’t proficient at it, so most of my work that day was for naught, and some of it was simply bad.  I was able to figure out some of the things to not do, which helped in the long run.  I had lunch with my dad at the club, and it was rather nice.

That night we went to a painting class, but didn’t pay attention to the teacher at all, and got way ahead of her.  I added in the kitties, and a snowman to the painting.

My painting with Jeff in the background

Jeff’s painting

Dad’s painting

Mom’s painting

The next day I went with my mom to Birmingham to see Nana.  Fred, Tila, and Cindy managed to make it as well.  Mom had made some really delicious soup, her version of the butternut squash soup.  It was different and really tasty.  I still think garlic is needed of course.

We went to the Christmas Eve service, and it was OK.  It was the same as we had seen before.  I really enjoyed being with the family.

Christmas morning we all came down to open presents.  Katie showed up a little bit later, and we opened a lot of candy.  The largest share was my fault, but there was plenty of candy there that I didn’t bring.

My mom took me to the airport the next day for the flight to India, and the line for security was way out past the concourse.