Rocket had a great holiday party at Hog & Rocks


It was pretty neat to have a restaurant/bar closed for a private event that I’m a major part of.  They had a few games set up, including two table games (blackjack and 3 card poker).  I did really well at 3 card poker.  The dealer didn’t really know what she was doing and I was able to take advantage of it with some more extreme bets.  I won a ton, but then decided I was done with the gambling style games and put it all down until I lost.

I got to play some connect four and jenga, but I was a little to drunk for the jenga to go well.  I was in a mood where I really wanted it to be one block layers starting at the bottom.  The connect four went surprisingly well for me, mainly because I knew the few tricks to it that the others playing didn’t know.  Steph wasn’t feeling too well that night so she didn’t end up joining, which was sad.